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Youth with Diabetes is a non-profit organisation registered with the South African Department of Social Welfare and the South African Revenue Service. The organisation has been established with the express purpose of saving lives of young people in South Africa who have diabetes. With your generous help and the correct treatment "Life can be sweet" for those living with diabetes.


Life can be Sweet


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9H30 FOR 10H00 to 13H00 - or maybe till later

Address: BOERE SJABI SJIK, 229 Monument Road, Glen Marais, Kempton Park (this place has a lovely shop with lots of goodies for in case you feel like shopping too)

COSTS: R250 per person (includes a goody bag)

THEME: Alice in Wonderland's MAD HATTERS TEA PARTY (don't stress - there will be wine!!) - have fun and dress up!!

Limited space as the venue can only take at most 45 people! your payment secures your spot!

RSVP: Charmaine 082 651 3078

Banking details: C Meyer, Absa Cheque account: 260184105
ref: your name & surname.
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This is our girl ❤️ make 🇿🇦 proud ... See MoreSee Less

When asking Kerry about her passion, she answers: Diabetes ! She hopes the T1D Challenge will show people that T1 diabetes don’t have limit and get the most of each opportunity

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