Heidi Engelbrecht
Region within South Africa: Johannesburg
Task team(s) involved in: Camps
Date of birth:. 5 July 1996
Year of diabetes diagnosis: 2002
Current occupation: Currently a student at Wits.
How did you become involved in YWD? I became involved with YWD through word of mouth. I started attending camps soon after my diagnosis and haven’t stopped wanting to go!
What do you believe is the biggest issue in diabetes in South Africa? I believe the biggest issue with diabetes is the lack of general, basic knowledge of what it means to be diabetic; the do’s and don’ts and how to support those who live with this condition.
What do you plan to achieve for 2014/15 in YWD as an NEC member? My goal for 2015 is to help make the camps and events hosted by YWD as “way-out” and cool as possible in order to raise awareness by involving those previous oblivious to the condition. I want to help make these events fun for the kids so that they will want to tell their friends about it, or bring a friend to show them what their diabetic-life looks like. There is a lot of negativity surrounding the issue of children and diabetes. I would like to make diabetes an uplifting element in a life to make it easier to handle and accept.

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