Tiaan Wolmarans
Region within South Africa: East London, Eastern Cape
Task team(s) involved in: School Projects
Date of birth:. 01 December 1993
Year of diabetes diagnosis: 2001
Current occupation: Law student at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
How did you become involved in YWD? After being diagnosed with diabetes in 2001, I attended a few camps in East London. In 2008 I was invited to attend my first camp in Johannesburg which was run by YWD. In 2014 I was invited to attend the YWD Youth Leader training. From that training I was invited to join the National Executive Committee.
What do you believe is the biggest issue in diabetes in South Africa? The biggest issue in diabetes in South Africa is the lack of awareness for those who have diabetes and the fact that many people do not know what to do during certain situations when it comes to people with diabetes. More awareness needs to be raised among children, teachers and peers of those children who have diabetes.
What do you plan to achieve for 2014/15 in YWD as an NEC member? I aim to create awareness in schools and to any other person who needs help and support with regards to diabetes. I aim to educate pupils at schools so that they are aware of what needs to be done when situations arise with their friends who have diabetes. I am to help with regards to support groups as well as any other task force within the NEC when it is needed. I aim to do my job to the best of my ability to benefit others with diabetes and to allow YWD to become a well-known organisation throughout South Africa.

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